Does TV make me fat?

Several recent studies show a link between TV habits and weight gain — basically the more you watch, the heavier you tend to be.

Seems obvious in some ways…sitting doesn’t burn many calories and we often eat in front of the tube (can we still call a flat screen that?).  Not only is what we’re often eating (and drinking!) more snacky kind of stuff, we’re doing it in a distracted way that leads to more, not less.

Here’s a fascinating study that goes deeper than just sitting=not burning calories.  Turns out that sitting in front of the TV turns on genes that make us heavy!

And some of us have the cards already stacked against us genetically.  Turns out there are 32 gene variants that predispose us to higher Body Mass Index (BMI).  Inactivity like TV watching (and let me add Internet surfing!) turns on these genes, while exercise turns them off.  And these genes don’t seem to be affected by the quality of what we’re watching!

What does this mean for you?  If you are struggling with your weight, you more than likely have some of these 32 genetic variations that lead to a heavier, thicker body.  So you need to pay attention to both sides of the equation:

Where you are physically inactive  -> <- Where you can get more physical

I find this of great possible value for some of us trying to be less of us!  If we just focus on calorie consumption (Don’t eat that!) we’re still going to get pinned down by the genes trying to weigh us down.

The more we understand the bigger picture, the less likely we are to be the bigger picture!

Motivation is the key to Self-Nourishment and Self-Care, and any new motivation goes a long way.  So rather than getting more active simply to burn calories and lose weight, get moving to turn off those genes that want to pack on some pounds.